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Know then thyself



TUCSON (A-P) — I confess I'm a shape-shifting reptoid overlord, one of your 'master race'. But I'm a radical malcontent, a heretic, an overlord apostate; a violator of the Prime Directive. The novelty of speaking the truth to the clothed apes has an irresistible draw. Though I speak in vain, I wish to share, to confess.

Everything you hu-mans (hu short for hubris) think you know is a delusional narrative, kludged together tales told by idiots. You call your narratives 'real' only because of your ignorance. You are the story telling animal (Homo narrator). All your stories are fiction. Stories you believe are made up (novels, movies, porn, your ideocracy corporate TV) are called 'fiction'. Those stories purporting to be about 'reality' may reference evidence that is shareable, but your alleged non-fiction never limits itself to evidence. Evidence is merely used by wordsmiths to make their stories seem convincing.

Evidence must be evaluated, interpreted, and you hu-mans have little better chance of telling the most likely story than a dog has of understanding calculus. Some of your more scientistic ones go through the motions of inquiry, get a tongue tipped taste, but most hu-mans don't even know what they do not know.

Your media, all sources of pretend information, couldn't tell the truth if they knew it. Every seller of claims can only publish what sells, what consumers want to hear. In all media, including the scholarly, saying only what is true would be a severe limitation and would be ignored, marginalized, as it would not feel good. To tell people what they want to hear benefits from unrestrained invention. In vetted media, your mainstream media, claims contradicted by obvious fact tend to be pointed out. Claimants are zealous protectors of their credibility and so tend towards the marginally plausible while avoiding egregious errors. Your scholarly rags are merely somewhat more vetted—marginally more plausible and less egregious.

Social media, all who self-publish, however, have no limitations, can and do claim the most pathetic absurdities with unflinching conviction. Shared links, more often than not, are not read by the one posting them. If links are read, they are liked and shared or not, but claims are never vetted. If they were and a critical comment posted, few to no one would Like it. They who like and dislike have no way to differentiate information from misinformation or disinformation. If it feels good, they believe it, Like it, Share it....

Social media is entertainment media, like porn, and not a news venue. It is information free as if someone were to type the truth no one would be able to filter it out from the misinformation, and probably wouldn't Like the truth if it were offered. None who get their news from social media (62% of you with 37% getting it from the Bible/Koran/TV) have the slightest basis for knowing true from false. The noise of current events fixes your distorting gaze while the vastness of time and space, of Nature, lies unexplored about you.

Is there an alternative? Realize that the universe doesn't care what you believe and neither should you. What you want to believe is of no matter and less mind. You can't 'want' to know, you can merely loose interest in all narratives, the what-is being more interesting than hu-man stories about it. Some stories, however, are more likely than others. The most likely stories will be whatever is left over after all claims are habitually subjected to the flames of an all consuming doubt and to relentless critical inquiry. The most likely story could be wrong. Your primate brains are so limited that the only honest answer to almost every question worth asking would be: 'I don't know enough to have an opinion'. As your prescient Feynman noted, science is the belief in the ignorance of experts (someone who might know enough to have a specialist's opinion), a precondition for considering the possibility you might know something.

Free your minds from the slightest tendency to believe or disbelieve anything. To think is to listen. Listen. Be still and the chatter of thought will settle like muddy water in a glass, clarifying the mind wonderfully. Listen to the song of Earth, of the stars in their courses, to the breath of your everyday life. Know that you know nothing, can but iterate towards knowing. Loose interest in the chatter: the chatter of media, of other minds, of your mind. Listen to Nature.


P.S. We are not from the stars. When the meteor came, shape-shifting proved useful. It had served to avoid being eaten by the bigger dinosaurs, but shifting to a small mammal form was useful. When the mammals became larger and more ravenous, we were again not eaten. We continued to evolve, continued to direct the unfolding of our own form and function to better serve our art and science. We had been so evolving for 42 million years prior to the meteor, with shape-shifting being one result. We are biologists, students of life, not stone knapping technologists, so we left no fossil record. Ever wonder what hu-mans might become after 42 million years of self-directed selection? You'll come to wonder how we came to let your ancestors live and in another 65 million years of determined effort, perhaps you'll understand. At present, you are merely a crazed hoard of self-taught five-year olds with machetes and cars laying waste to a planet.

Hu-mans would rather believe than know. [idea: E. O. Wilson, The Diversity of Life

Hu-mans reject (don't believe) what is true but unpleasant and embrace (believe) what is obviously false but comforting. [idea: H. L. Mencken]

Eco-mans (ecolate hu-mans) endeavor to understand the structure and functioning of the Universe to develop a model for survival that molds hu-man behavior into a plan of actions and avoidances that is oriented toward the maintenance of a viable, equitable, and bearable equilibrium between hu-man (unenlightened commoner) demands and Nature's (the Mother's, Aluna's...) resources in which the individual and society both carry the burden of great responsibilities which extend not only to the local community but to the whole of hu-mankind. [idea: Kogi mámas]

The people of Easter Island disappeared, leaving only their monuments as an example to the world of what happens when culture cannot downsize to fit its environmental production. — Howard T. Odum

Know then thyself. Hu-mans are not rational animals, but rationalizing animals. It appears that our manner of deciding on 'solutions' is made by special-purpose neural circuits in our unconscious that have evolved to placate emotional concerns. 'Decisions' are then presented to our conscious mind, whose job it is to dress up the manufactured decisions with socially acceptable 'solutions'. The justification process tricks the conscious, putatively rational mind into believing that it was the source of the decisions and solutions. The result is that most of our behavior is controlled by unconscious processes that use decision-making logic laid down hundreds of thousands of years ago. This logic is based on memories of our past experiences, and uses our emotions to enforce the outcome. While reason and logic may play a role in some individual minds, even those who think they live on the thin rational edge of the human bell curve are merely driven to a somewhat lesser degree by amygdala machinations. Hu-mans like Donald Trump, Saint Francis of Assisi, Caligula, and Osama bin Laden are the normal ones compared to the average scientist-type having 'ecolate' concerns. [idea: Paul Chefurka]

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