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TUCSON (A-P) — For an introduction to Sustainability 101, there is professor Al Bartlett's public lecture on Arithmetic, Population, and Energy: Sustainability 101 he gave 1,742 times from 1969 until he died in 2013. "The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function."

To demystify the subject, read the Forward, Introduction and synopsis to Demystifying Sustainability: Towards real solutions 2015, by Dr. Haydn Washington which should be "required reading for every high-school student, CEO, and politician." (Paul and Anne Ehrlich, Stanford University, USA). Add high school graduates, university students and alumni on up to professors at Schools of Sustainability among those who should read this book.

Is your way of life sustainable?



Are there limits to growth
Is exponential growth sustainable
Does EYR (Emergy Yield Ratio) matter?
Will life as we know it keep getting better and better
Could the current Anthropocene mass extinction include humans

Schools of Sustainability are dominated by the faith-based narrative of Neo-classical Welfare Economics (NWE) that renders their intended 'solutions' unreal, as in falling outside the set of solutions that might actually work. To iterate towards real solutions the intelligentsia's grasp of reality must be based on biophysical reality, that which doesn't go away because you don't believe in it. Hence students, not just those within the silo of sustainability studies, need to get good with reality. NWE is the core narrative supporting the delusional belief in 'sustainable qualitative development', or growth without the added obfusication of the merely eloquent. Alternative is to wake up and smell the biophysical reality. University students or graduates should start with a paradym shift before breakfast and read Energy and the Wealth of Nations: Understanding the Biophysical Economy.

Consider the Ecolate Party Platform: Protest the failure of communities to provide sustainability education about real solutions. If your local library doesn't have a copy of Demystifying Sustainability, have a talk with the librarian. Picket outside if necessary. If your local high school doesn't offer a class in Sustainability 101, suggest at least one teacher show Bartlett's video, mention the book, and have the school librarian procure a copy. If your university or college library doesn't have a copy, there is something seriously wrong, so make sure someone takes care of the oversight. If there is a Sustainability 101 class, see if the book is required reading. If not, protest, urge students to be autodidacts and organize an informal class under a tree to consider the issues.

Graduates of Schools of Sustainability are employed to create the world our grandchildren will live in (or not be able to live in). If the narrative of sustainability that students attending Schools of Sustainability are learning is mystified, a shared delusion, an academic fraud, then they should know sooner than later. Life sustainable is a need. Therefore endeavor to think well. There will be no life sustainable without ecolate thought. It is more important to know than to believe.


What can you do? Protest/Inform: Blogroll of 1,742-hour Protesters


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