Make Your Own

Print THE BOOK as a 22 page 5.5" x 8.5" tome on six pieces of paper by printing on both sides. Leave in motels and hotels on top of the Gideon's. Share with Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons when they wake you up some Saturday. When confronted by People of The Book, show them one of your own. If they cite chapter and verse, reach for your Biblia and cite back.

Download the .doc file that comes formated for you. If you should feel a burning in your bosom to write a chapter or a few verses, feel empowered. Using Open Office or LibreOffice, go to File, Print, and third tab over click on Page Layout and select Brochure. Then select Front sides / right pages and print them. Put the pages back in printer and select Back sides / left pages and print the other side. Unless you put the pages in upside down you should have a lovely BOOK(let). Fold and staple or glue by putting a little bit of white glue on the fold of each page.

Biblia is plural, mistranslated as The Book instead of The Books, so why not write your own chapter and verse to make a better unholy open source bible.

Right click and Save as: THE BOOK.doc

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