SUNDAY, MARCH 19, 2017

The Unthinkable Solution

There is no life without thought



TUCSON (A-P) — Political animals want 'solutions' and elite political animals think outside the commoner box. To think like an elite it would help to be an elite, but imagining oneself to be an elite will have to do. Most elites probably don't have time to actually think more than a decade ahead, but some likely do. The twenty-first century will raise the question of how many humans will be needed to serve elite interests? Let's say the population reaches 10 billion without collapsing and that it is becoming clear that that number can't be supported let alone more. Eighty-five percent have been replaced by robots anyway. Human demands are exceeding Nature's resources. The 1% and their robots could get by, but some humans (14% or 1.4 billion) still serve the SYSTEM in some capacity, and a consensus emerges that maybe four humans per elite would be enough, plenty actually, and so, well, the surplus is an issue of concern.

So do the math: The 1% are the 100,000,000 elites and their families (58% of whom are Americans as they had been in the early part of the century), which is as many as Earth can currently support (according to the AI) in the manner in which they are accustomed. Elon Musk didn't retire on Mars; it turned out to be an oversold Planet B scheme for billionaires (Musk did retire in extreme wealth, however, on the Kona coast). The billionaires had to make do with Earth. So 400,000,000 select people could live the middle class life, and the rest, well, workers weren't needed, and with AI, even mental workers were hardly needed. Many elites wondered what 400,000,000 were going to do to serve the SYSTEM as surely the robots and AI would just keep getting better and better.

So let's see, 10,000 million minus (100 million plus 400 million) comes to make some wonder what to do about the 9,500,000,000 'unemployed' and unemployable people who could be at risk of revolting or something. The situation was foreseeable and some elites, with nothing better to do, thought about it, had been for some time, and what's a responsible, clear thinking humanitarian benefactor to mankind going to do? Like the scientists had been warning, and now the AI, something needs to be done. The Mars thing didn't work out, colonizing space didn't work out, so what's a self-serving human (which includes elites and commoners), with power, wealth, and foresight (which excludes commoners) going to do?

Unfortunately there is a rather obvious 'solution'. I don't want to mention it just so I can say, 'I told you so', and I don't want to give any elites any ideas, but it is so obvious that I can't imagine some elites haven't thought of it and may even have found (funded) some scientists to make it happen. It would be easy to say, 'NO!, no one would ever think of such a thing much less do it, it's utterly unthinkable...' Well, history is the history of what humans have done and so can do, and it is worse than you want to think or know about even if you are a professional historian.

Humans are clever apes and there are no doubt many 'solutions' to consider, but the 'obvious' one? To just type it: manufacture a plague organism—think Ebola meets Bubonic times the flu squared; find a cure (vaccine); release into the 'wild' in areas where few of the 4% of the high-functioning near-elite live. As the plague spreads, promises of a cure are made, a cure is miraculously 'found' but production is limited. The distribution system manages to supply (quietly) most of the 1% (some elites can't be tolerated even by other elites and didn't make the list) with the vaccine. It all happened so fast, the media couldn't cover every development and neglected to notice that some of the elites didn't seem all that worried. Due to the rapid rate of spread and limited ability to produce vaccine, scientists unanimously agreed that the cold equations showed only 400,000,000 doses could be produced in the coming weeks to save some before the plague spread globally. All the world's political and religious leaders (almost all) agreed that those most able to serve the SYSTEM (which would desperately need political and religious leaders) should get the vaccine first. The people were told to submit their Service Petition and pray, pray with great sincerity and fervor. Hundreds of millions applied pleadingly. Those not wanting to serve the SYSTEM self-selected out. Those who received the cure were ever so grateful and devoted their lives to serving posterity, sustainably of course.

This is a horror story. Not because 9.5 billion humans die quickly (even 'humanely' compared to a 'zombie apocalypse' collapse scenario), but because those who survive and prosper will want to live ever longer in perfect health and expand the Empire beyond the solar system. They'll use technology to become trans-humans. We are Borg in the making. The cold equations are that today 58% of Americans are Borg in the making and 41.99+% are wannabes (as are the 99% of non-elites elsewhere). Only a few traditional Hopi neither serve nor are dependent on the SYSTEM in North America, but they wouldn't survive the plague as they are not totally isolated—they depend, like the Kogi and a few individuals, on the SYSTEM to not destroy them. There is no life without thought and those who can still 'think about it' need to keep their eyes on the ball. The existential choice: serve the 'SYSTEM' or serve the 'system'. It's a high-stakes endgame.




Only 1.5% of households make over $200/day. By global standards, Americans are not the 1%. We are (53 / 3499 x 58) the 0.89%. America's poorest of the poor are rich by African standards.

In South America, the Kogi, our Elder Brothers, have lived at the Heart of the World since about 900 CE and have survived, culture intact, into the 21st century. In 1990 they gave Younger Brother a warning. Younger Brother failed to listen. In 2011 they reinvited the original BBC director back to give us a final warning: Aluna. Another way to state their message: of the three pillars of education (literacy, numeracy, and ecolacy), ecolacy alone is essential.




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